England Day 1

Gosport, England

Last night I landed in London at about 10:30 local time then my dad picked me up and we headed back to my Grand Mothers house in Gosport which is about a hour and half away from London. We arrived at about quarter past 12 (thats how they would say 12:15 here).


This morning I woke up about 9 local time we had breakfast out in the breakfast nook in the garden. We then headed on a walk to the port down the road. We walked around then headed to the war museum. After we went through that we then went to the local Pub and had lunch. After we came back to the house and played cards in the garden and had a drink.


Pictures : https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.797686576919462.1073741828.100000343826308&type=1&l=a31ca0ebe9


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